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Adamo Fur & Leather
ADAMO was established in 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey, and specializes in fur and leather apparel and accessories for men and women. The policy of the company is based on determination to offer the highest quality and insistence in excellence; the two main concepts which fortified its image and contributed to expanding its reputation beyond local territories in the international market. We choose the best furs and leather for creating perfect quality items. ADAMO participates in Blackglama, American Legend and Copenhagen Fur auctions for selecting high-quality raw fur skins from mink and silver fox. Lynx cat skins come from North America, Barguzin sable purchased from Soyuzpushnina at Russia, chinchilla skins - from Wagner. Besides, leather products made from the best quality domestic fabrics. All garments manufactured at ADAMO have certificates and guarantee. Since its inception, ADAMO overall goal has been to develop, optimize and refine fur outwear production by gathering and sharing knowledge, employing... More
Ali Bacanlı MD. - Cildiye Antalya
We are looking forward to meeting and helping you.  Our highly qualified, experienced, kind and knowledgeable team consists of a dermatologist (Ali Bacanlı M.D.), his medical assistant (Mss. Arzu), lovely translator who speaks English, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic (Mr. Adnan). Antalya has the advantage of hosting you providing facilities including warm-blooded people, beautiful beaches, unique history, lots of ways of entertainment, sports and arts.  You can also get cosmetic treatments and applications including wrinkle treatment, anti-aging mesotherapy, stain mesotherapy, hair mesotherapy, dark under-eye circles mesotherapy medical, cellulite mesotherapy, filling applications, hyperhidrosis treatments, stem cell treatments, MicroNeedling (Dermal-Roller Therapy), PRP, GRP,  care for acne skin, dry skin care, chemical peeling in this lovely city. 
We Craft Your Dreams We are a multi generations jewelry craftsmen and store . Our main expertise lies in the production of unique jewelry. Our workshop also allows us to craft, transform, adapt and repair any jewelry. Our commitment lies in our ability to follow and support our customers, by adapting to their desires and the materials they wish to use while respecting current trends. All our teams are jewelry and gems specialists. We strive to be constantly alert on the latest artistic trends to advise you as accurately as possible.