We are looking forward to meeting and helping you.  Our highly qualified, experienced, kind and knowledgeable  team consists of a dermatologist (Ali Bacanlı M.D.), his medical assistant (Mss. Arzu), lovely translator who speaks English, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic (Mr. Adnan). Antalya has the advantage of hosting you providing facilities including warm-blooded people, beautiful beaches, unique history, lots of ways of entertainment, sports and arts. 

You can also get cosmetic treatments and applications including wrinkle treatment, anti-aging mesotherapy, stain mesotherapy, hair mesotherapy, dark under-eye circles mesotherapy medical, cellulite mesotherapy, filling applications, hyperhidrosis treatments, stem cell treatments, MicroNeedling (Dermal-Roller Therapy), PRP, GRP,  care for acne skin, dry skin care, chemical peeling in this lovely city. 

Clinical approaches for all skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema types, fungal infections, hives (urticaria), pruritus, hair and nail diseases are within our service.

Laboratory tests such as various allergy tests, cancer risk assessment of moles, search for fungi under the microscope as well as necessary blood and urine tests can be performed carefully and accurately in our clinic.

Additionally; stain, warts, calluses, acne scars, wrinkles, skin aging, under-eye bagging, under-eye bruises, hair loss, ingrown toenail, cellulite, as well as many treatments related to the skin will be able to evaluate as necessary. Various injections for cosmetic solutions can be very useful.

I prefer a problem-oriented approach. I’m aware of the necessity of addressing our organism as a whole.

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We are looking forward to meeting and helping you.  Our highly qualified, experie...
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